Keep ‘em alive and walk away at 65

Truckee River

by Bearfish Alliance Staff

This one will be pretty short and to the point. It’s hot, and so is the water. East Walker River is a no-go, with high temps and low flows it is in a critical state right now and needs 100% relief from angling. Those trouts in the East Walker need to focus all their effort and energy on staying alive, and any angling pressure will compromise that. Tell a friend, and ask that friend to tell a friend…get the word out!

The Truckee River is looking quite warm on the NV side. I would say it is best to just leave it alone until we get a drop in daytime temps and lower overnight temps. Everything is pretty much too warm to tangle with once the water creeps past Verdi/Mogul. Cali side has more promise, and the name of the game here would be dawn patrol. That means sunrise until probably 10am, and after that point focus your efforts on walking out. Use that thermometer, and keep ‘em alive and walk away at 65.

Quick tips for chasing those Cali pigs and bows: caddis emergers/nymphs imitations are working well on the rainbows, a buddy of the Bearfish Team did very well with a Duracell pattern recently. Browns will take these too, but gotta go bigger if you want the pigs. That means crayfish patterns, and most techniques will work but don’t go light on your rod set ups. Keep everything 5wt and up, this will help you bring that trout to the net quickly and you will minimize the risk of exhausting them. Keep those 2wts and 3wts at home…no panfish in the Truckee. Wet Flies are excellent as well, my favorite is something that reeks of purple. Browns love ‘em. 

Stay safe and keep that thermometer handy!

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