Fish have moved into the fast water pockets for the rest of the summer

Truckee River

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Water Conditions

The Truckee river is flowing 234 cubic feet per second out of Lake Tahoe. Water temperature is a factor in the afternoon as we are heating up to about 69 degrees by 3pm. We recommend morning fishing and check your water temperature every hour after 10 am. Trout mortality goes up in water that is warmer than 64 degrees. While not a state mandated closure, everyone is encouraged to use common sense and if the Truckee is too warm this week, don’t fish.

FLOWS:Tahoe City 240 CFS, Glenshire 252 CFS, Farad 497 CFS

Tips for the Week

Fish have moved into the fast water pockets for the rest of the summer. Anglers fishing the Truckee River should focus on the riffles or moving water because there is more oxygen in those areas for the fish. The bugs seen on the Truckee this week are pale morning duns, green rock worms, tan caddis, golden stones, little yellow stones, and crayfish. If you are fishing in an area where it is catch and release, please use a net, keep the fish wet, and put them back quickly.

Suggested Flies

Cutters E/C Caddis, Para Pale Morning Duns, Split Wing Pinkies, Birds Nests, Tan Elk Hair Caddis, G6 Caddis or Black Elk Hair Caddis